54kibo’s designers are deeply connected to their heritage. Part of that pride is shown in their commitments to sustainable and ethical production. For many, this means working with local artisans from their local community to create handmade products. For others, this means weaving sustainable and local materials into their designs. With more consumers looking to source ethically and sustainably, these designers provide quality products that shoppers can connect with on many levels. They are not only beautiful, but also meant to do good for the earth and global community.


Recycled materials are present in many designers’ lines at 54kibo. From jewelry to furniture, repurposed wood and metals shine a light on the versatility of sustainable sourcing. Modern Gesture takes wood offcuts from the production of their striking lighting fixtures to create smaller products for the home such as wall sconces and planters. Ghanaian furniture design house Tekura upcycles wood offcuts sustainably sourced from reforested wood in Ghana to manufacture their sleek side tables and benches. Kenyan jewelry designer Adele Dejak uses recycled metals to make her bold handmade jewelry. The recycled brass is shaped into sculptural pieces that stand out but are still minimal in their sleek design.

the water-based varnish is eco- friendly & the wax cord we use in a sustainable way. We also designed the Tribal lampshade, Woven Lampshade to be flat packed, to reduce packing material and bring down the cost of courier transport. We want more people to enjoy our products but we understand the cost to ship is high, and this is what makes our Tribal & Woven lampshades so unique. We have gone beyond just thinking of the design of the lights but considered our environment and people as well. We also designed our small Woven mirrors to be ordered with our Woven lampshades as their sizes are the same and both can be placed in 1 box!




Modern Gesture is working to make their products more accessible and safe for the environment with water-based varnish that is eco-friendly and sustainably used wax cord. Their Tribal Lampshade and Woven Lampshade are designed to be flat packed which reduces packing material and brings down the cost of shipping. Modern Gesture is committed to bringing quality products to all and recognizes that international shipping can add a high cost, and the innovative packaging of lampshades help bring down these costs. The small woven mirrors and woven lampshades were consciously designed to be the same size which allows for both to be packaged in a single box when ordered together.


Ethiopian designer Sabahar exclusively sources their fibers locally with all natural cotton and silk. Their throw blankets and napkins and tea towels make thoughtful housewarming gifts and reusable napkins help to make a more sustainable table setting.

Ile Ila founder Tosin Oshinowo has made it her mission to share all that Nigeria has to offer, with beautiful contemporary handmade furniture. The rich hues used in her upholstery are made from Asò-oké fabric, by local weavers. These mid-century chairs also utilize West African hardwood to create quality frames that will last.

Explore more collections on 54kibo from designers that source materials locally: Kiliim collection, Dounia Home lighting and candles collection as well as AAKS raffia handbags.


Mother-daughter duo Eu’genia brings the best quality shea butter products to market with ethical sourcing in mind. Not only do they have a higher concentration of pure shea butter than most others available, but they also work hard to ensure that their products do social good. Working with sustainably paid farmers, Eu’genia ensures that they can add to the economic growth to Ghana while also making products that appeal to consumers everywhere. As an added bonus, their small tins can be repurposed once empty!

Another mother-daughter team seeking to be agents of change in Africa is ONEOFEACH. They have set out to share their love of Africa with the world by creating luxury handbags in an ethical way. Their clutches are handmade in South Africa with a traditional batik process that strengthens the local economy and keeps the time-honored craft alive.



Roopip makes sturdy minimalist baskets with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cotton. Their timeless forms will grow with you, becoming a staple in your home for years to come. These baskets are perfect for storing bathroom towels or napkins, or for bread or fruit.


South Africa based Little Pine Tree makes adorable children’s toys that are safe and non-toxic. Founder Goeun Bae sought to give agency to local women by engaging them in a new craft and teaching them marketable skills. The collection of soft, hand-crocheted dolls are a perfect companion for little ones, suitable for babies and small children alike.


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