Trend: Nature & Natural Elements


With more people becoming environmentally aware and drawn in by a greener lifestyle, there is an impact on and implication for interior design as well. Natural elements are in; offering practical and tasteful solutions to adorn every room in your household. Respecting nature and harmonizing with its elements is no longer an outdoor activity, rather the opposite! Embrace organic materials like unique textures, handmade pieces, natural light, and indoor gardens and integrate it into your style.


An eco-friendly home welcomes elements that preserve an ecological balance while being mindful of waste and avoiding exhaustion of natural resources. Contrasting textures of stone, wood, natural textiles, and fibers can create a refined and elegant look. Being sustainable and pro-nature implies a new type of luxury. Use house plants to create a feeling of a forest and boost positive energy. Also, highlight wooden surfaces with spectrums of greens, grays, and whites.


A familiar concept of merging the indoors with the outdoors is perfectly in sync with the eco-friendly movement happening in interior design. Big windows, open spaces, and terraces are often not an option so it’s important to fill your home with light, plants, and colors of the forest through textiles, furniture, and decor.

Interior designer Nina Barnieh-Blair has the following recommendation: “Bring nature inside your home. The idea of bringing nature into homes is particularly important to city dwellers like ourselves, especially as we’re spending so much time inside, focused inward. Hence using colors that promote peace, well being and in touch with nature: blues, green, earthy tones, tactile, soft and comfortable layers.” Read more home decor tips from Nina Barnieh-Blair here


As "the urge to affiliate with other natural forms of life", biophilia, is one of the key ideas behind nature-inspired trends in interior design in addition to sustainability. Support human creativity and efforts that have an impact on nature. Decorate a room and highlight your eco-friendly lifestyle by selecting handmade, environmentally-conscious pieces that tell a story like Tekura’s Djembe table which is sustainably made from recycled wood offcuts from forests in Ghana.