Luxury 2x3 wool rugs.

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    Accessorize and accent any modern space with small 2’x3’ rugs inspired by contemporary African design. The size of the 2'x3' wool rugs are perfect for setting in front of a chair for a comfortable feel underfoot while lounging or adding personality to furniture arrangements in an artistic way. The wide selection of handmade African accent rugs available provides ample options for accessorizing multiple interior spaces with a contemporary African take on carpeting. The luxury 2’x3’ wool rugs make exceptional accent pieces as they command attention with their varying prints, while washing the room in an innate warmth with their texture and grounding earth tones. Similar to the collection of contemporary 2’x3’ wool rugs, the 2x3 cotton rugs are woven onto a cotton base reinforcing their structure and making them more durable as a floor covering for highly trafficked areas. Each of the 2'x3' rugs in the collection are ethically made by local artisans in small villages resulting in a slightly unique finished pattern on each one. It is the ancient handwoven craft that contributes to each rug’s strength, and with a clear focus on quality and function, designers ensured that the 2’x3’ wool rugs as well as the 2’x3’ cotton rugs were woven onto a cotton base reinforcing their structure and making them more resistant to wear and tear. Experiment with 2'x3' rugs that are sure to elevate your space and accentuate existing flooring and home decor. 2’x3’ rugs are available to shop on 54kibo’s online store. Shipping is always free within the USA.