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    The ethical lighting collection is made up of eco-friendly lighting including pendants, chandeliers and lamps. Set the mood throughout the home with contemporary eco-friendly lighting. These designer fixtures are handmade using sustainable methods. There are several ways that the designers keep sustainability top of mind in the creation and execution of ethical lighting. For example, the use of upcycled materials bolsters this eco-friendly lighting collection. Local metals form the base of the illuminating fixtures. In addition, designers keep shipping top of mind, and several ethical lighting fixtures have the ability to be flat packed, a sustainable way to transport them. 54kibo’s online store highlights the best in eco-friendly lighting. The collection pieces incorporate traditional African design techniques which bolsters them with functionality and longevity. They are also inspired by the designs themselves, for example, circular woven rings simulate the effect of beaded jewelry worn by the Ndebele women of the Southern region. These stunning works of art are unique and layered with story. The ethical lighting collection accents the modern home well. The fixtures fit seamlessly into modern design in spaces including living rooms, entryways, home studies, or bedrooms. Select from neutral to pops of color and incorporate contemporary African design into your interior style.