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    Moroccan scented candles are sustainably made soy candle scents including the orange blossom candle, oud candle or jasmine scented candle. A Moroccan candle carries with it a memorable scent that can completely set the mood within a home. Some of the best romantic candles are Moroccan scented candles. They make for great gifts for Valentine's Day and anniversaries. The oud candle is often referred to as liquid gold. The oud wood candle is one of the candles that smell like fireplace, in the best way possible! It comes in a reusable glass container with a gold band arranged around it. The orange blossom scent has a wonderful balance with a deep citrus-forward nose. It is one of the relaxing candle scents and also one of the scented candles for romance. A Moroccan scent to call upon in the beginning of the day is the mint candle scent which is uplifting and invigorating. They have been studied to help boost alertness and memory. Consider a Moroccan candle or a candle set including an orange blossom candle or a jasmine scented candle to bring a slice of Morocco into the home. These candles make for wonderful gifts that are easy to send to a friend or family member with free shipping in the U.S.