Henriette Saint-Marc 18x18 Pillow - Brown White

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Yael et Valerie

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The Henriette Saint-Marc pillow with gance by Yael et Valerie is a stunning decorative throw pillow that makes for a wonderfully thoughtful gift. The white and cafe brown pillow with an image that depicts Henriette in the 1700s implores us to use our freedoms wisely. With her beauty and regal demeanor she played a significant role in Haiti's fight for independence.

Part of the Past & Connection collection which depicts portraits of powerful women throughout the history of the African diaspora from 1500 up to the present day. These women represent strength, gravity, grace and determination. Like its counterparts in the Yael et Valerie collection, this beautifully designed pillow is an elegant gift that intersects history, culture, and art.



Yael et Valerie has created a magical world of rich prints and fabrics that showcase the history within Haiti, the Caribbean and the women of Africa. Bringing tropical exoticism to home decor, Yael et Valerie wants to share the strength, grace, and determination woven within the history of African women, with enticing portraits of many generations of women, as well as the unique captivating architecture of Haiti and the vibrant birds that fly above them. Yael et Valerie is a brand that exhibits art, culture, history and deep connections.

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