Askanya Haitian Chocolate Bar Mix - Set of 8

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Askanya Haitian cacao chocolate bars are perfect for a housewarming gift, Valentine's day gift, thoughtful gift to show someone special how much you care, or a way to treat yourself. This gourmet handcrafted set of the best chocolate bars from Haiti, is made from premium cacao beans and includes a variety of bars to taste all that Haitian chocolate has to offer. See why Haitian chocolate is making its mark in the global market with this indulgent mix. Perfect for sampling. Find your favorite today!

Contains 8 chocolate bars, 55g each:
2 Paradis (47% Cacao milk chocolate bar)
2 Wanga Nègès (50% Cacao milk chocolate bar)
2 Minuit (60% Cacao dark chocolate bar)
2 Perle Rare (90% Cacao dark chocolate bar)



Les Chocolateries Askanya is Haiti’s first and only premier bean-to-bar chocolate company. Co-founded in 2015 by Corinne Joachim Sanon Symietz, a Haitian currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Corinne was inspired to create jobs and opportunities for fellow Haitians by using her expertise as an Industrial Operations Engineer and her understanding of how to get things done in Haiti. "I didn’t want to wake up at 60 having never tried to do anything for Haiti".

Askanya's chocolate is exclusively made with premium Haitian cacao beans sourced from over 3,000 Haitian cacao farmers. The cacao chocolate is produced locally in Ouanaminthe, Haiti where Corinne's grandparents' home was converted to a colorful chocolate factory. Askanya's chocolate makers were trained by world-class chocolatiers in France and the US to bring high quality and the best chocolate bars to the global market. "Grown in Haiti, Made in Haiti, Enjoyed Everywhere".