Distinctively modern velvet ottomans.

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    Effortlessly mix and match furniture pieces with 54kibo’s luxury cocktail ottoman and discover a vast array of curated contemporary African designs that fit beautifully within the modern home. The designer created the velvet ottomans to easily paired with beautiful Mid-century modern chairs and velvet sofas. The upholstery covering the cocktail ottoman is a rich velvet that is soft to the touch with vibrant hues that make it an ideal addition to any modern home as a bold footrest or accent chair. The cocktail ottomans are handmade with high quality materials in the USA. The frame is handcrafted of solid oak wood, upholstered with soft rich velvet and finished with a leather handle communicating the designer’s affinity for luxury detailing in furniture. Available in multiple colorways such as Cranberry Red, Avocado Green, Moss Green, and soft Cameo Rose, there are multiple choices that coordinate well within several interior color palettes. The vibrant hues seen across all of the upholstery choices reflect the flexibility to contrast a neutral or understated palette, or add a boost of color to an already bright space. Discover comfortable luxury cocktail ottomans inspired by African design traditions. This beautiful footrest is available to shop now on 54kibo's online store and shipping is always free within the USA.