Abstract modern custom size wool rugs.

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    Craft the perfect space with custom sized rugs inspired by traditional African design. Whether the goal is to provide warmth and coverage with a large room rug, or accent the space with color and texture by adding custom size wool rugs, each rug in the collection provides a custom feel within any modern space. The custom sized rugs come in many shapes and are an excellent way to highlight the shape of a room, enhance existing flooring, add comfort to functional spaces, and leverage the design element of repetition to create a sense of consistency and harmony. The unique handmade nature and elevated design of custom rugs compliment modern spaces while distinguishing itself as prominent accents within the space. Custom size wool rugs from the collection are a great addition to many areas within the home such as the living room, dining room, hallway, nursery, entryway, office or enclosed patio space. Similar to the custom size wool rugs, the sisal rugs are handmade with high quality materials and strong weaving techniques that contribute to carpeting that truly stands the test of time. The tightly woven edges of each rug help to create a relaxed yet tailored finish, cleanly tying the room together and due to their high quality and durability, the sisal rugs succeed at providing a comfortable yet functional floor covering in high trafficked areas. All rugs are available now to shop on 54kibo’s online store. Shipping is always free within the USA.