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    Craft the perfect indoor space with custom sized rugs that are loomed using traditional African weaving techniques. Whether the goal is to provide warmth with cool custom rugs, floor coverage with irregular shaped rugs, or accent the space with color and texture with a custom tufted rug, 54kibo's collection will provide you with the perfect rug. The custom sized rugs come in many shapes and highlight the shape of an entryway, foyer, office or living room. Enhance existing flooring even in those hard to reach spaces with irregular shaped rugs, knowing that personalized rugs are always an option. Cool custom rugs add comfort to functional spaces, and leverage the design element of repetition to create a sense of consistency and harmony. The perfect rug really sets the stage when placed in the entrance of a home. The unique handmade nature and elevated design of a custom tufted rug compliments modern spaces while distinguishing itself as a prominent accent within the space. Personalized rugs are made with high quality materials including wool and cotton, and the strength of the weaving techniques contribute to the overall appeal of the carpets. Tightly woven edges help to create a relaxed yet tailored finish, cleanly tying the room together.

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