A contemporary update to rustic pendant light fixtures

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    Update the look of your home with rustic hanging lights and rustic chandeliers handmade in Morocco. Each rustic hanging light fixture is made from hand pierced metal that come in a variety of finishes including brass, copper and gunmetal. Rustic pendant lights and chandeliers create a great visual when hung in multiplicity from the ceiling. Consider rustic kitchen lighting from Morocco and hang above a kitchen island or dining room table to complete your interior design look. Rustic hanging lights come with an adjustable cord and matching ceiling cup to accommodate a variety of ceiling heights. The Rustic chandeliers and Rustic pendant light fixtures are made-to-order. They are also durable and dependable, built to last for decades to come. Rustic kitchen lighting from Morocco mesh well with existing room design. Consider matching with other accessories or finishes such as drawer or cabinet handles. Rustic pendant lights can also set the stage upon which to build additional interior design. Even if you start with these rustic pendant light fixtures, you can then add matching finishes from there. A rustic hanging light fixture or chandelier is also a good fit for a sitting room, bedroom or entryway. Available in multiple geometric shapes, some hold space for one bulb, others for multiple light bulbs that offer a variety of lighting strength.