Decorative wall sconces for a modern moroccan mood

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    A modern African wall sconce can add just the right amount of concentrated, relaxed light to the interior of a home. Hang handmade African lights on the wall of a dining room, bedroom, entryway or hallway. Create a symmetrical look by pairing these fixtures. Some ideas for home decor include bookending the sides of a headboard as bedside lights or a mantle. African style wall sconces introduce African design to the home, more specifically Moroccan style. These metal sconces brilliantly integrate with a wide variety of modern interior designs.


    54kibo’s collection of African wall sconces and African lamps are handmade in Northern Africa in the capital city of Morocco. These Marrakech-made lights are inspired by the Moroccan lantern that has been built and used in the country for centuries. Each sconce is hand made. Master artisans hand pierce repurpose metals to give the form a unique dispersal of light. The local design team uses a technique that allows for a soft, diffused glow to shine through. Each African theme wall sconce is quality made, taking roughly 40 hours to complete. Each sconce is made out of metals including copper and brass. Installation calls for a hardwired mounting. There is a black fabric cord that extends from the wall cup. This part of the lighting is included with each piece. It nicely contrasts the hard metal material of the sconce itself. The metal of the African sconce is sealed with a top coat to preserve its color. African sconces are made to last with high quality materials and everlasting style.. Consider a gunmetal decorative sconce, copper or brass wall sconce to decorate the rooms of your home and add a little more illumination. Price is reflective of the made-to-order craftsmanship, and shipping time will vary depending on production.