Distinctively modern round wood pendant light fixtures for sale. 54kibo exclusive.

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    54kibo’s collection of round wood pendant light, including these woven pendant lights for sale, are a great way to add decorative accents to the home. The online store offers these handcrafted, functional pieces that are made to illuminate a room. The round wood pendant light and woven pendant lights for sale are handcrafted by artisans in South Africa. Each piece is inspired by the neck jewelry worn by the Ndebele tribe. Large rings made of wood and wrapped in colored cord cascade from the center where a single bulb is suspended. The woven lighting for sale come with an adjustable cord that makes the round wood pendant lighting a perfect fit for a variety of ceiling heights. The style of this lighting is so eye-catching, that if you hear someone say “necklace style”, it may very well be one of 54kibo's lighting. Sustainably-made for conscious shipping, each wooden ring fits one inside another and can be flat packed. This is also a great feature when it comes to moving homes and is quite the space saver. Each modern round wood pendant light works well in an entryway, over a kitchen island or table, or in a dining room. Incorporate a highlighted piece of contemporary African design and bask in the beauty it generates. Receive free shipping within the USA.


    A woven pendant light is known for its craftsmanship,  traditionally made from natural materials like rattan plant fibres or basket grass. 54kibo’s woven lighting is structured by a wooden frame that consists of multiple rings that rotate to hold shape at a variety of angles, or stack when aligned flat. Each ring has a different design, many are wrapped with dyed woven wax cord to honor the ornamentation of Ndebele necklaces. This  hand beaded jewelry signifies aspects of health, wealth, and family. Here, the modern woven pendant lighting spins and stacks just like the jewelry, showcasing a beautiful component of African design.

    Woven pendant lights go in any room. The 54kibo’s woven lighting is installed through electrical wiring from the ceiling. Unless otherwise specified from the manufacturer, these fixtures should be hung indoors and away from the elements. Popular places to hang woven lighting include entryways, above kitchen tables or kitchen islands. Consider measuring an ample amount of space between the target surface below and the base of the pendant; a distance of two or three feet is recommended.

    54kibo’s woven pendant lighting comes with an adjustable cord to accommodate different ceiling heights and angles. Consider multiple colorways in two sizes: a 20-inch or 30-inch diameter measuring from the outer edges of the largest ring. In an entryway, consider hanging a fixture six to seven feet above the floor. In a kitchen, hang one over the center of a table. If hanging in multiplicity over a kitchen island or rectangular dining table, consider a two foot space in between the fixtures to create a uniformed look.

    Each woven pendant lighting fixture comes with an adjustable cord and a ceiling cup. Use connectors to affix the electricity main feed wires in the ceiling to your woven pendant light. Adjust your cord to the desired length - remember to keep in mind the target surface below if hanging over an island or distance from the floor if suspending in an entryway - see above questions for suggested measurements. Use a low energy consuming light bulb, 40W or less, or an LED bulb. A pendant lighting install may be complicated, so consider reaching out to an experienced electrician for professional assistance.

    Use woven pendant lighting during the daytime or at night to create ambiance or enhance the visibility of a task such as preparing food, eating a meal, greeting guests, reading or working. Woven pendant lighting adds substantial yet contained light to a space with the use of a single bulb. When used in entryways, they create a well-lit space for arrivals and exits. Suspended over a dining table or kitchen island in multiplicity adds style and functionality to the interior space.

    The woven pendant lighting ships from South Africa where it is handmade by the local expert design team. The woven fixture is packed safely and securely, each wooden ring stacking one inside of the other and laying flat. The execution of flat packing the woven pendant lighting is a conscious move in sustainable shipping that saves energy, space and costs. Once removed from the packaging, the rings of the woven pendant lighting can be readjusted and positioned to hold a unique 3-dimensional shape that suits your preference.

    The woven pendant lighting continues to impress 54kibo customers across the country. Pair the pendant with the complimentary Woven Wall Mirror Artwork, available in several colors and sizes. Other handmade pieces that pair well with the pendant lighting fixture include the African Side Tables: consider natural cedar wood, you can still smell the offcut aroma, or a black finish to suit your design needs. The Zimbabwean collection of basketry and ceramics, including bowls, plates and platters, connect beautifully with a suspended woven pendant lighting hanging from above. Jamaican table ceramics such as the Philodendron Salad Plates and Dance Hall Salt and Pepper Shakers create a relaxed Caribbean vibe.