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    54kibo home decor offers a collection of woven pendant lights that are similar to rattan pendant light or wicker light fixture that hang effortlessly from the ceiling. A woven rattan light fixture fits perfectly into a variety of modern interior designs and spaces. Whether the woven rattan pendant light is placed over a kitchen island or dining table, in an entryway or a living room, the adjustability of the woven wicker pendant light's hanging cords allow the lamp shade rings to align well with the shape and structure of the room. Each woven light fixture is handcrafted by skilled artisans who live in Africa and its diaspora that is made from wrapping colored wax cord around a wood frame. The woven pendant lights, which are similar to a rattan pendant light are inspired by traditional Ndebele jewelry worn by the Ndebele women of South Africa during special occasions and to signify important milestones in one's life. Choose woven pendant lights that include colors spanning from grey, white, blue to marigold yellow. Configure the rattan light fixture to hold its position at any angle for a one-of-a-kind look. Available in small, medium and large sizes A contemporary African woven pendant is beautiful in its design and timeless in its inspirational meaning. Its unique story is told and retold with each illumination and breathes life into living spaces.