Beautifully patterned basket wall art

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    Wall baskets continue to top the trend list for wall hangings in the modern home. Wall basket decor adds incredible texture to a wall space. These decorative hanging wall baskets are made by master weavers who use eco-friendly materials to create their pieces. A wall basket can be made from African sisal, seagrass or raffia, all natural plant fibers that are sturdy and dependable. These materials also bring an aspect of the natural world directly into the home. Basket wall art makes a statement. Mounted using proper wall hanging nails, the woven wall baskets are usually quite light to hang. Due to their shape, woven basket wall decor is a stunning juxtaposition with other art work or framed photos that adorn a wall. While most decorative wall art is flat, wall baskets have a specific dimension that bring the decor several inches from the wall. Hanging wall baskets also stand well on their own. Consider hanging a wall basket next to one another in a horizontal row or in a vertical line, depending on the shape of the wall or empty space you need to fill. Consider hanging a wall basket in a living room, kitchen, bedroom, office or nursery. The decorative basket wall art fits well within a variety of interior design styles including boho, farmhouse, modern or bohemian, to name a few. Woven basket wall decor is available in small, medium, or large. Wall basket decor can easily be updated by adding other varieties and styles to existing decor. If you tire of certain woven wall baskets, simply swap out for a new purchase or discovery. Use the older wall hanging baskets as functional baskets to hold household items or as decorative pieces to sit on a coffee table or shelves.