African natural home decor without the jetlag

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Shop ethical home decor to add variety to your home design. There's something special when enhancing natural home decor with artisan decor style that carries unique and sustainable aspects from its country of origin. 54kibo's online store offers handmade home decor including Ethiopian home decor, South African home decor, Ghanaian home decor and other modern and ethnic home decor choices to enhance the overall vibe of your homeware. Modern natural decor is a great way to enhance the interior design of a living room, bedroom, office or kitchen. Ethical home decor differs in the way a decor piece is made. This type of modern natural decor is often handcrafted by local artisans who are influenced by centuries-old design practices passed down throughout the generations. The artisan decor style differs from region to region across the continent of Africa as well as around the globe. What does not change is the commitment of design teams to look at the process as a whole, and substitute in sustainable practices to make the natural home decor, when possible. For example, wood offcuts from local forests are often integrated into the final decor pieces. Non-toxic dyes are used to create a wide range of colors with hand woven baskets. Wallpaper and fabrics pay homage to nature, familial descendants from centuries past, and ancient artifacts and architecture.