Elegant African lighting shades.

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    54kibo’s online home decor store offers a collection of lamp shades that are African inspired. These African lamp shades cast light beautifully from the top and bottom, emitting a soft and artistic glow. Create a unique ambiance with lighting shades in a home office, bedroom, family room, living room or home library with warm light that exudes from these African lamp shades. The lighting shades are versatile and can be used to top off a table lamp base or to hang from the ceiling. In addition to their function, African lamp shades are sturdy in their build and are made to last. High-quality cotton and velvet materials are used in the manufacturing process of the handmade shades. They are finished with a flame retardant lining and a hand rolled edge. The modern look of African lamp shades are inspired by traditional African design techniques, including the handwoven Aso-oke, and patterns reminiscent of Adire cloth. Add pops of color to any living space with a wide variety of lighting shades that are vibrant and uplifting. The classic pieces fit perfectly into a modern living space and embody African heritage and elegance. Whether stand-alone or arranged in multiplicity, the lighting shades are sure to bring positivity and character into the home.