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    54kibo’s online home decor store offers a collection of unique lamp shades from Africa. These African lamp shades cast light beautifully from the top and bottom, emitting a soft and artistic glow. Create a unique luxury ambiance with the fabric of patterned lampshades and printed lamp shades in a home office, bedroom, family room, living room or home library. A warm light that exudes from the African lamp shades. The unique lampshades are versatile and can be used to top off a table lamp base, floor lamps or to hang from the ceiling. In addition to their function, printed lamp shades are sturdy in their build and are made to last. High-quality cotton and velvet materials are used in the manufacturing process of the unique lamp shade. They are finished with a flame retardant lining and a hand rolled edge. The modern look of a Moroccan lampshade is inspired by traditional African design techniques. Some of the velvet lamp shade fabric options include cotton handwoven Aso-oke, and patterns reminiscent of Adire cloth. Add pops of colorful blue, yellow, green or gray color to any living space with a velvet lamp shade on a table lamp that is vibrant and uplifting. The classic small or large pieces fit perfectly into a modern living space and embody African heritage and elegance. Whether stand-alone or arranged in multiplicity, a Moroccan lampshade in accompaniment with floor lamps can bring positivity and character into the home.