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    A carpet sample is an easy way to test the floor covering in a room without committing to the full version of the rug. Consider ordering carpet swatches when you have situated your sofa, chairs, other furniture and you've purchased some throw pillows. From there, samples of carpet can help to warm up a living space with a goal to enhance your interior design theme in the room you are decorating. Sample carpets can be used in any room of the home, including an entryway, bedroom, living room or kitchen. When the rug samples arrive, place them onto the floor and spend at least a full day with it in your space. This way, your eyes can get used to the carpet sample existing as a part of the room you are decorating. Once the sample carpets have remained in the space for a day or more, decide which carpet swatches you will narrow down until you are left with one of the samples of carpet to move forward with. Rugs samples can be a great way to prepare for a major interior design change since a floor covering can truly dictate a space. Consider picking up one or two before making a purchase on a full size rug. This will help to insure your decision.