Colorful, distinctively handmade woven baskets and nursery decor.

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    Explore a world of unique, handmade decor pieces that fit beautifully into a modern home. A nursery basket is a perfect way to accent a kid's room and organize small items such as combs for babies, ointments, creams, brushes, and more. Place one next to a changing table or dresser. A nursery basket is also a perfect decor piece to hang on the wall for a pop of color and dimension. If you are looking for gift ideas such as nursery liners, consider mobiles or a nursery basket, too. These African accents are durable and made with high-quality materials. The mobiles are made up of small glass beads that are handwoven together using the Maasai beading tradition technique. The minimalist black and white design is calming for a little one, and it is easily hung from walls of various heights. Shop from a variety of nursery basket colors. The all-natural fibers colored with organic dyes are hand woven together by local weavers to produce durable baskets with patterns that are reminiscent of special moments and symbols found in African culture. These baskets are versatile and can easily become a family heirloom, moving from nursery, to child’s room, to master bedroom one day. Hold space for a moment of contemporary African design in any modern home and witness beauty, quality, and a stunning story in each piece.