Cluster pendant light fixtures by Studio PGRB

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    The glass cluster pendant light is an option for modern home or office pendant lighting that is unique, dependable, and sleek. Each light fixture is supported by a metal endoskeleton, its minimalist African inspired design is symmetrically radiant and captivating within an interior space. Each lighting cluster is a well-balanced cluster pendant light fixture designed by Studio PGRB in Miami. The glass cluster pendant light gives 360-degrees of illumination. Styles include fixtures that are made up of multi lights, 2 lights or 3 lights, suspended within a metal frame. The glass cluster pendant light is a great way to enhance modern interior design within a home. The cluster pendant chandelier provides a sophisticated upgrade to the decor found in an office, dining room or living space. The cluster pendant light fixture will fit seamlessly in any room and with any ceiling height due to an adjustable cord that comes with the lighting cluster. When coming up with the concept for each lighting fixture, Studio PGRB finds a distinct balance between vintage beauty and dynamic modern design. The cluster pendant chandelier collection includes finely-tuned sculptural pieces that are each unique works of art that are quite functional in their innate use throughout the home.