Sustainably-sourced, pure Ghanaian shea butter, accent tables and more.

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Luxuriously handmade raffia women's handbags.



Sustainably handcrafted furniture from reclaimed wood.



Craft elevated interiors with Ghana textiles and furniture pieces that pay homage to Ghana’s rich traditional design history with a curated collection for home decor, accessories, and lifestyle gifts. Each piece in the Ghana collection such as the Ghanaian shea butter, towel gifts and Ghana textiles are all ethically produced by local artisans using sustainable materials sourced from within the region. Organic cotton and locally sourced cedar wood are just two of the all-natural materials used to produce unique products with elevated finishes, modern aesthetic, and traditional detailing. Ghana textiles and bags in the collection feature distinctive weaving, ornaments, and textures commonly seen in traditional Ghanaian apparel. Kente Cloth, one of the most sought-after Ghana textiles is traditionally known for its ability to communicate exactly who the wearer is. Each color incorporated into the intricate cloth is a form of symbolism that informs onlookers of what the wearer is feeling whether serene, pure, or at peace with the spirit realm. The beautiful tradition of making Ghanaian shea butter is labor intensive, involving a process that takes between four and seven days to complete, and the majority of the work is done by women in the village who pass the tradition down to their daughters generation after generation. Ghanaian shea butter in this collection is made with 100% pure shea content, the highest in the world, and whether indulging after a bath or giving as part of a gift basket to a friend, the labor of love that created this high quality product can be felt on the skin with every use. Shop Ghanaian shea butter and unique home accessories at 54kibo’s online store for elevated contemporary African decor and lifestyle gifts. Shipping is always free within the USA.