Beautiful reflection of African wall mirrors. 54kibo exclusive.

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    Catch a reflection of contemporary African design in any room in the home with the addition of African wall mirrors. Available in two sizes, large and small, the woven mirrors found in 54kibo’s online collection are decorative and functional. Handmade by artisans in South Africa, each designer brings their own unique touch to the artwork and incorporates design traditions from the country into each of the woven mirrors. The African inspired mirror work is completed on a made-to-order basis. The attention to detail found in the craftsmanship of African wall mirrors exude unique beauty that is apparent with each glance. Explore woven mirrors with geometric-shaped natural birch wood frames dyed in different colors and accented with a contrasting wax cord wrapped tightly around the side. The African wall mirrors work well in a living space, entryway, bedroom, guest bathroom, or even a kids’ nursery. They come ready to hang. The woven mirrors are built using recycled wood offcuts to create environmentally conscious pieces. The award winning design team brings an elevated level of contemporary African design to the modern home with African wall mirrors. Whether purchased as a gift or for one’s own living space, enjoy free shipping within the US.