Modern African footstools.

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    The African print ottoman and African footstool collection creates functionality for the modern lifestyle. Improve the design in a living room or parlor room with upholstered furniture that has multiple uses without taking up a lot of space. The African print ottomans and African footstools are great choices for portable seating. Their bold, vibrant colors exude elegance and are eye-catching room accents. The African print ottomans are inspired by traditional design techniques that have been practiced in the region for generations, for example, the batik print backgrounds. Or opt for geometric prints that are inspired by architecture or the natural environment. Consider African footstools that pair well with accent throw pillows of similar patterns for a fully coordinated look. The African print ottomans and African footstools are comfortable, too. The backbone of this designer furniture is well-supported by a solid wooden frame. Each one is upholstered in high-quality fabrics, including plush velvets and soft cottons that are digitally printed with bespoke patterns and designs. In addition, the cushion has a layer of highly responsive foam for a comfortable seat. Set these ottomans next to a living room chair or sofa. These seating options come in handy especially when guests are invited into the home.