Mesmerizing Moroccan lamps

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54kibo’s online home decor store sells African lamps that are strong in their structure and beautiful in their design. The African style lamps are handmade in Morocco from brass. The metal used to structure the African lamps is worked by master artisans who pierce tiny holes through the metal shade. As a result, warm light in a dappled design seeps through the structure of the Moroccan lamp to create a soft illumination throughout the modern home. The Moroccan style gold lamp incorporates traditional design techniques that have been used to work metal for centuries. All metals are locally sourced and used ethically. The bold black finish of the African style coastal lamps holds court in a living room, home office, or bedroom. The coastal lamps are standing works of art, similar in color and design to the table lamps found in its sister collection. With an extendable black cord and an on/off light switch, each Moroccan lamp and gold lamp can be moved and relocated to anywhere in the home with ease. The metal that is used on the coastal lamps is sealed with a top coat to preserve its color. The Moroccan style gold lamp is built to last, carrying a piece of Moroccan design tradition with it from home to home, and generation to generation. The lighting works well in a bedroom, living room or dining room.