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    54kibo offers a collection of modern decorative objects including handmade wooden decorative pieces, modern sculpture decor, African wooden statues and decorative objcets for shelves. These carved African sculptures for sale are inspired by African culture and commemorate moments that have taken place throughout time. African statues are eye-catching and fit well in a variety of indoor living spaces. The African wooden statues and wooden decorative pieces accompany existing interior design styles and can even highlight them. Consider placing modern decorative objects to embellish indoor home decor in a living room or bedroom, on a tabletop or shelves. The decorative objects for shelves will give a contemporary flair to the space. The modern sculpture decor comes in small, tall and large sizes to accommodate the size of the shelf upon which it is placed. Contemporary art figures and figurines from Africa are engaging to the observer, whether that be you or your houseguests. They also make for great gifts to commemorate special occassions such as childbirth. The modern African sculptures for sale on 54kibo use a variety of materials in combination such as glass beads, cowrie shells and manilla string. Purchase decor objects online and have them delivered straight to your door of the door of the recipient with free shipping in the U.S.