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Find one-of-a-kind statement pieces for every room from 54+ countries in Africa and the African Diaspora.




54kibo's curated items celebrate Africa’s rich design heritage. As a Black-owned and Female-owned home decor store, we’re thrilled to showcase the beauty of African Design, as derived from its culture.



Made with centuries-old techniques, and modern designs, 54kibo's products are inspiringly beautiful and functional. When you shop with 54kibo, you're supporting artisans who preserve Africa's artisanal knowledge for future generations.



Our designers use social and environmentally sustainable practices by putting their workers and community first, sourcing locally or using non-toxic materials.


54kibo brings the best in Contemporary African Design to you. It's fresh, it's new, and of course - functional.

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The best and brightest artisans across the African Diaspora.....The online curator of cross-category home goods is giving a broader platform to contemporary African design.

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Online home decor brand featuring sustainable pieces by designers from the African diaspora.

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This new e-commerce site is making modern African design more accessible.

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Educating the world on the beauty and craftsmanship of the African diaspora.

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54kibo offers a wide array of eco-friendly home decor accents.

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Luxury African Decor

We started 54kibo in 2018 to bring the most unique African interior decor to you. Our curated products are from ~ 50 designers who are reimagining Africa's design heritage and timeless techniques. We're happy you're here. Sign up below to join our community and let us know what you think.

54kibo African Home Decor

54kibo is an online retailer of African home decor for sale including African home accessories and African home furnishings. From lighting to accent pillows and figurines, African inspired home decor is a beautiful way to enhance interior design themed space includng a living room, bedroom, office, kitchen and bathroom. 54kibo is a leader in sharing the creativity of African style home decor that fits a variety of interior styles including modern, contemporary, ethnic, afrocentric, afro bohemian, farmhouse, coastal, rustic and safari. 54kibo brings African home furnishings to a new market of consumers, ranging from interior design professionals to the at-home decorator.

African Home Decor to Amplify Your Creativity

54kibo offers black owned home decor for sale and afro centric home decor accents that are modern, colorful and inspirational when placed throughout the home. The home goods store sells African home decor that is handcrafted, in countries throughout the regions of Africa using centuries-old design techniques including beadwork, goldsmithing, basket weaving, textiles and embroidery to create unique decor.

Each African home accessories and African style home decor is created by artists and designers from Africa and its diaspora, including Europe, the USA and the Caribbean, who express their work through a contemporary design lens and some already play key roles in American home furnishings. Environmentally sustainable practices including flat-pack shipping and socially sustainable methods such as local design education and community employment are an integral part of our African inspired home decor vendors’ business operations. Shop woman-owned and black owned home decor for sale at 54kibo. 54kibo’s store offers free shipping in the USA.

Modern African Style Home Decor for Your Interior

Explore African style home decor on 54kibo. Modern African home decor categories include lighting, decor, rugs, furniture and tabletop ceramics. Are you looking for a unique gift for a special occassion or loved one? The gifts collections are where you will discover candles, kids’ items, jewelry and handbags for holidays and so much more. Connect with different regions of Africa using the Shop by Country feature. Search for decor inspiration on The Summit Blog with quick-to-consume articles that feature design tips from renowned interior designers and artists. If you are an interior designer, we invite you to apply to our Trade Program to take advantage of an evergreen offer for your clients and projects.

African inspired home decor and African American home decor is known for its use of color, materials, and exceptional craftsmanship. Each featured piece in 54kibo’s home decor and lifestyle collections is sourced from Africa and countries around the globe. 54kibo shows the breadth and depth of luxury African art decor, separate from the occasional misnomer of cheap African home decor. We offer free shipping within the USA with an emphasis on efficient delivery. Please keep in mind many pieces are made-to-order and shipping times may vary as a result.