Intricately beaded wall art from Tanzania

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    Experience the black and white designs of a whimsical beaded wall hanging handmade in Tanzania. A geometric pattern is created in each beaded wall art piece. The varrying lengths of the beaded wall art hangings make them a perfect fit for a variety of wall spaces including a living room, kitchen, bedroom, office or nursery. Several pieces also include beaded tassels that create an additional aspect dimension, texture and movement within the home. Beaded wall art and beaded wall decor have been prominent in Africa for centuries. Each bead used in the beaded wall art hangings are small and made of glass. This type of bead was introduced to the Maasai of Africa in the 19th century by Arab traders. The high-quality craftsmanship of each beaded wall hanging is completed by local artisans. Their work celebrates their local heritage on a worldwide platform while providing economically stable work opportunities for them in their country. Consider beaded wall decor for the modern home. Each piece is a beautiful reminder of the masterful Maasai beadwork tradition that has been practiced for centuries. These pieces make for meaningful gifts for a housewarming or other celebratory event and can be delivered with free shipping anywyere in the U.S.