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Shop what's new in luxury home decor including high end home accessories and home accents that will elevate the look of your contemporary interiors. Luxe home furnishings, when paired with elegant furniture or statement furniture, will create a fine look that's exclusive just for you. 54kibo's luxury home decor collection has every home goods statement piece to accentuate a living room, bedroom, office or kitchen in modern style. Consider high end home accessories like luxe home furnishings to help liven up a dull corner of the room. Think about a statement piece that will go well when placed next to elegant furniture it shares space with. This could come in the form of a small hand woven basket, a beaded art object or small sculpture. Each piece has the ability to add dimension, texture, or a pop of color to the room in which it resides. When considering home products to accent the home with, you may want to consider the color of the statement furniture piece first. Since the furniture piece will be larger, it will be more eye catching as it takes up more space in the room. From there, add designer luxury home decor to accentuate your individual and unique interior design look. Consider signing up for 54kibo’s newsletters to be the first to hear about new luxury home decor arrivals that make for wonderful gifts to give for a special occasion.