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    The home fragrance and diffusers collection is designed in Morocco. Scents range from calming jasmine to uplifting mint, and some effects that fall in between. This line is made up of a variety of fragrances that are perfect to use throughout the modern home. Imported from the world’s perfume capital of Grasse, the home fragrances and diffusers are among the highest quality, well-balanced aromas available on the market. They are known for their crispness and balance they create within a space. The home fragrances come in a glass bottle with gold accents and matching packaging, while the diffusers come with reed sticks that can be flipped and reused to create a consistent scent from day into night, multiple times over. Consider placing one in a powder room, entryway, or on the corner of an office desk. These scented home fragrances and reed diffusers will keep the home smelling fresh. They are strong enough to take on heavy aromas in the home and mitigate them into more pleasant scents. These beloved sets are perfect to give as a gift for a special occasion or a housewarming. Create the perfect ambiance in the home, choose from a variety of scents that are available to purchase online.