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    Elevate modern spaces with pieces from the Senegal collection at 54kibo. Inspired by traditional African design, the unique limoges dinnerware and limoges boxes in the collection channel their French influence while exhibiting rich Senegalese craftsmanship. The French influence in Senegal encouraged cultural exchange in many aspects of the country’s tradition, but the impact on ceramic art was especially strong. In the past, limoges' dinnerware was commissioned by royalty and signaled wealth and prestige. The dinnerware was used during special gatherings for serving the finest foods while entertaining. The plates were decorated with birds, plants, and elegant patterns, sometimes using gold. Decorated similarly, Limoges boxes were historically used as powder boxes and later used to hold poetry and valuable items like jewelry. Limoges boxes today are kept as family heirlooms and are passed down from one generation to the next. Not unlike the French limoges dinnerware and limoges boxes, the Senegalese versions of the fine commodities signal cultural affluence and refinement, but the printed patterns on the Senegalese limoges dinnerware makes them truly distinctive and offers a uniquely West African perspective. Elegant limoges dinnerware and limoges boxes are available to shop now on 54kibo’s online store for elevated contemporary home decor including limoges tea sets, porcelain dinnerware, and Senegal gifts. Shipping is always free within the USA.