Handmade porcelain bowls

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    The ceramics bowls collection includes porcelain bowls, pasta bowls, salad bowls, small wooden bowls, handmade ceramic bowls and other African bowls that are functional for a variety of meals. Each porcelain bowl, which can also be used as a cereal bowl, has a unique design or pattern. The handmade ceramic bowls are perfect for special dining occasions or for everyday use. Ceramic bowls come in a variety of sizes and textures. A white ceramic bowl, African bowl or wood bowl can be used for soup, rice, pasta, cereal and more. White bowls, ceramic bowls and ceramic dishes are made from clay, pottery and porcelain. The porcelain bowls are known for their durability over time. Consider a bowl set including mini bowls or small sets with a low bowl, deep pasta bowl sets, candy bowl, candy dish, large salad bowl, or even a blue bowl for additional pops of color. A porcelain bowl, cereal bowl and pasta bowl are oven safe bowls to cook and serve dishes from. These handmade ceramic bowls are African bowls that incorporate design traditions that are centuries-old. Small wooden bowls, salad bowls and porcelain bowls are great for entertaining and also make for a meaningful gift for a new home owner. They are sure to brighten up any table setting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.