Contemporary porcelain bowls.

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    54kibo’s online store offers a curated collection of African bowls, more specifically porcelain bowls, that are durable and beautiful. Each kitchen accessory is stunning. The handmade tableware and South African tableware are perfect for special dining occasions or for everyday use. African inspired porcelain bowls come in a variety of sizes and textures. For example, transport to the Caribbean with the Sea Biscuit Appetizer Bowl. It has a beautifully replicated imprint of the symmetrical creature after which it is named. Other African bowls, inspired by the basket weave technique, are handmade by a designer in Zimbabwe who uses mostly local clay and glazes to build her pieces. Throughout the collection, discover porcelain bowls that are available in appetizer, dinner, and dessert sizes, providing elegance and design continuity throughout a meal. Because of its material, porcelain bowls are made to last. The methods that are used to structure each piece incorporate design traditions that were used to make African bowls all the way back from centuries ago. African bowls are as creative as they are functional. They are great for entertaining and also make for a meaningful gift for a new home owner. They are sure to brighten up any table setting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.