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    At the intersection of tradition and contemporary African design sits a beautiful collection of Kenyan home decor, jewelry and accessories. The Kenyan jewelry, Kenya bags, and home decor found in this collection are tied to many time-honored traditions yet lend themselves to a modern aesthetic. Kenyan jewelry is traditionally significant in many ways as it has often been used for conveying age, enhancing beauty, and as a means of self-expression. Intricate beadwork was a common artform traded in the 19th century as currency and when worn, was used to indicate a man or woman’s standing within society. Each piece in the Kenyan collection such as the Kenya bags, decor and Kenyan jewelry are all ethically handmade in Kenya with sustainable materials such as glass beads, gold plating and recycled brass with elevated finishes for a modern aesthetic and beautiful traditional detailing. Gorgeous Kenya bags in the collection feature an intricate sisal basket weave with durable leather handles. The baskets are perfect for decoration around the home, storing items like throw blankets and pillows, and even shopping for fresh produce at the farmer’s market. Shop luxury Kenyan jewelry, unique home accessories, and Kenya bags at 54kibo’s online store for elevated contemporary African decor and lifestyle gifts. Shipping is always free within the USA.