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    Incorporate decorative contemporary pillows into modern interior design. Whether used on top of designer bedding, arranged on a comfortable sofa, or positioned on top of a chair as a back rest, African accents such as contemporary pillows are great ways to add in layers of color and weave in a modern perspective of traditional African design into a variety of living spaces. African pillows are made of cotton, wool, and velvet, to name a few, and are made to last. The patterns and prints of contemporary pillows are inspired by African design techniques including basketry and Adire cloth, a traditional method of resist dyeing. These techniques have been used throughout African culture for centuries and incorporated into making the design of the decorative pillows. The result are unique African pillows that brighten up a living space and carry meaning due to their deeply rooted inspiration. African pillows make for thoughtful gift items for a friend’s birthday or a holiday. Look for stand-out features of the contemporary pillows such as invisible zip closures and velvet piping that are sure to elevate a living space with minimal effort. African pillows hold beauty and history, and they are available in a variety of sizes, made to fit in perfectly within any home design. The contemporary designer throw pillows are eye-catching and conversation starters.