Intricately made African tapestries and wall hangings.

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    African wall hangings and African tapestries are a great way to accent the home using authentic art traditions and design techniques that are African inspired. 54kibo’s modern home decor online collection connects African wall hangings and African tapestries with homes in the USA, Europe, Asia, and all across the globe. From beadwork to weaving, master artisans spend hours crafting each piece to ensure originality and beauty upon completion. Beaded African wall hangings are made out of small glass beads from the Czech Republic and arranged in geometric patterns stemming from the Maasai beading tradition. They incorporate the use of sustainable materials where possible, for example, the glass beaded panel is woven together by recycled grain sacks. Woven African tapestries capture natural and humanistic moments as seen through the artists’ eyes. High quality fibers create the base of every one to ensure a long lasting life that spans generations. The African wall hangings and African tapestries are perfect for covering up a wall imperfection or breaker box and require minimal installation. Expect a subtle addition to the mood of a room due to calming patterns that are not too distracting. Whether in an entryway, living room, bedroom, or nursery, these pieces are very versatile and can easily be moved around a modern home multiple times.