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    Set the mood throughout the home with Moroccan light fixtures. These Moroccan hanging lights are handmade by master artisans. They are used for illumination and decoration in modern living spaces across the globe. The Moroccan style light fixture is made using local metal, pierced with small holes to create a sultry and calming output of light. The geometric shades of the Moroccan lantern light fixture are built in the shape that is based on traditional Moroccan lighting. A Moroccan ceiling light fixture creates stunning dimensions of light throughout the home and exude a feel of traveling through Marrakech, Morocco. 54kibo’s online store highlights the best in Moroccan light fixtures. Choose from modern Moroccaaan hanging lights including the Moroccan pendant light which is available in several metal finishes and shapes including oval and diamond. Each Moroccan ceiling light fixture in the collection incorporates traditional African metalwork techniques making these long lasting works of functional art unique and filled with story and tradition. The modern Moroccan lighting come in several finishes including copper, gunmetal, and gold. Mix and match Moroccan hanging lights or purchase in unison to accent the modern home. Each Moroccan pendant light and Moroccan lantern light fixture fits seamlessly into modern spaces including living rooms, entryways, home studies, or bedrooms. Whether purchasing a Moroccan style light fixture as a gift, for a client, or for your own room, shipping is always free within the USA.

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