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    54kibo’s modern wool rugs are handcrafted by local artisans in Fowwa, a small village nestled along the Nile River in Egypt. Traditional methods of weaving have been practiced here for centuries. These wool contemporary area rugs add a rich texture and visual weight to any modern bedroom, sitting room, living room, yoga room, bedroom or office space. Contemporary hand knotted wool rugs are made of high quality fabrics and can truly stand the test of time. Handmade wool rugs, available in multiple styles and colorways, boast soft surfaces, unique stitching, and tassels. These modern wool rugs convey an air comfort and sophistication to the eye and to the touch. The modern wool rugs in the hand knotted wool rugs collection command attention, yet ground the room and provide an innate warmth to any modern space. Tufted rugs for sale have a cotton base reinforcing their structure and making them more durable for everyday use. The finely crafted nature of wool hand tufted area rugs results in a slightly unique finished pattern designed on each one. Colorful and netural wool rugs are both available for purchase in many sizes, including the popular 8x10 carpet as well as 2x3, 3x5, 5x8, 6x9 and 9x12 feet. Neutral wool rugs lend themselves to the most versatile of applications considering their color palette. Some of the wool contemporary area rugs are available in solid colors. Browse tufted rugs for sale and explore the broad selection of handmade wool rugs available for purchase. Wool hand tufted area rugs are delivered with free shipping within the USA.