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    Add depth and intrigue to modern spaces with handmade Zimbabwe sculpture art, baskets and home decor. Reminiscent of traditional African design, the Zimbabwe baskets within the curated collection of African designs found at 54kibo depict the intricate time-honored weaving patterns that the region is known for. Zimbabwe baskets are traditionally handwoven using naturally occurring materials such as vines, wild grass and leaves, into intricate patterns that can take up to three days to complete. The beautiful yet functional Zimbabwe woven baskets are often sold by the women in the village and function as a serving vessel or storage for grain. The impact that these enchanting woven patterns found in Zimbabwe baskets have had on the art world is profound and have proven to be a large source of inspiration for other works of art like ceramics and modern Zimbabwe sculpture art. Similar in popularity to the Zimbabwe baskets, Zimbabwe sculpture art has a significant presence within the art world for its reputation as the masters of sculpture and its Shona name even translates to “houses of stone.” In the past, stone sculptures were often commissioned by royalty, yet the Zimbabwe inspired artform endures and has evolved in the modern day. Incredible Zimbabwe sculpture pieces are available to shop now on 54kibo’s online store for elevated contemporary home decor, Zimbabwe baskets, Zimbabwe ceramics and lifestyle gifts. Shipping is always free within the USA.