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    54kibo's lighting collection of unique chandeliers includes different styles of the statement chandelier made by designer Mash.T. These colorful pendant lights are handmade using complimentary colored beads. Each colorful chandelier or white chandelier will accent the overall decor of a living space. The statement lighting are available in colorways including turquoise, white, black, blue, green, red and beige. A statement chandelier is one that catches the eye and that is exactly what the Mash.T. design team accomplishes while making statement lighting. The handwoven array of beads in geometric patterns are intricate and pleasing to look at. They are inspired by centuries old Zulu beading tradition practiced in South Africa for decades. The white chandelier and colorful pendant lights also produce a stunning glow when turned on and will catch the eyes of guests. Deciding on which colorful chandelier may be daunting. Consider the colors that are already present in the room where you wish to hang the chandelier. Look at the colors of the paint on the walls, wallpaper, or patterns that are present on bedspreads, throw pillows, fabrics, etc. Expect the lighting to accommodate a variety of spaces including those that vary in ceiling height. Each fixture arrives with an adjustable cord to create the best interior design look.

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