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About 54kibo Interior Design Trade Programs

Tired of buying the same items for your projects? Looking for new products that spark conversation? Discover new luxury designs from Africa that are anchored by African design heritage, craftsmanship and sustainability at 54kibo. We love to partner with interior designers and other design professionals as you bring residential, commercial or hospitality projects to life. Showcase your design expertise to clients while also preserving Africa's artisanal knowledge for future generations.

1) Exclusive trade and interior designers discount of 20% off retail prices

2) Free shipping in the contiguous U.S. so your trade discount implies 25 - 30% off retail prices

3) Access to our Exclusive Design Produdct Partnership Program

4) Additional benefits

  • Get tax exempt purchasing,
  • Get a dedicated team to answer questions about our products and interior design trade program,
  • Customize your order in greater detail and streamline your delivery process

54kibo brings the best in Contemporary African Design to you. It's fresh, it's new, and of course - functional. Design professionals get a 20 percent discount.

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The best and brightest artisans across the African Diaspora.....The online curator of cross-category home goods is giving a broader platform to contemporary African design.

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Online home decor brand featuring sustainable pieces by designers from the African diaspora.

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This new e-commerce site is making modern African design more accessible.

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Educating the world on the beauty and craftsmanship of the African diaspora.

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54kibo offers a wide array of eco-friendly home decor accents.

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Who can apply to the 54kibo Design Trade Program?

If you are an interior designer, architect trade professional or design organization, please apply to the 54kibo Trade Program and receive a standing 20% discount. Please be able to provide a copy of one of the following: Business card, Membership in design organization (e.g. ASID, IIDA, AIA) or Interior design certification (e.g. NCIDQ, CCIDC). In addition, please email a resale or sales tax certificate, required if you intend to purchase merchandise for resale. Else sales tax will be applied by default.

What are the benefits of the Interior Design Trade Program?

In addition to 20% off of retail prices, trade program members qualify for free shipping on most products, have access to tax exempt purchasing, a dedicated team at 54kibo to answer product and delivery questions, ability to customize your order and streamline the delivery process straight to you or to your client. As well as the opportunity to participate in our Designer Product Partnership Program. Showcase your expertise with contemporary African design to potential new clients through our program designed to share your talent and interior design work. Your trade discount implies an effective 25 - 30% off retail prices. Your trade discount is the heftiest discount we offer to any of our brand affiliates and customers. We hope you know how important your work is to us! Whether you are purchasing pieces for a client or staging a design space, we hope this discount will be supportive for you in every upcoming interior design project. Your clients will be blown away by the uniqueness of the authentic contemporary African design pieces you are able to source.

What about shipping and returns?

54kibo’s Trade Program offers free shipping with a 30 day return window in the contiguous U.S. This is true every time you order, no matter how many times you order from us. Once you are approved for the design trade program, your orders will automatically receive this free shipping and 30 day return window benefits.

How will 54kibo assist my order?

As our Trade Partner, we offer you a direct line of communication with our team. Please feel free to contact Team 54kibo with any questions you may have. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of the process, from the products and sizing, to shipping and installation. We want you to feel confident and happy about your purchase from us.  We look forward to being a resource for you in the future.

How long will it take to receive my order?

54kibo will communicate directly with you on shipping updates. Since many pieces in 54kibo’s online collections are made-to-order in various locations around the globe, please expect between 6-8 weeks for production and shipping time for some items. If there is a specific deadline you need to make, please email us with your particular request and we will do our best to accommodate and figure out a solution.

Are there any product exceptions to the interior design discount?

Some product exceptions apply on the silk rugs and furniture. Please email us for details.

Will you send pieces to my office or directly to my client’s location?

We are happy to deliver to your office or directly to your client’s location, whichever you’d prefer. Please keep in mind that free shipping is offered to addresses located within the 48 contiguous United States. If you or your client lives outside of this radius, we are able to accommodate your request to ship outside of the 48 contiguous United States, but there will be an additional shipping charge attached to the specific order.

What is the minimum order quantity to get an interior design discount?

There is no minimum order quantity requirement for the interior design trade program in order to receive the interior design discount. And since shipping is free on all orders, you are welcome to order in a quantity that works best for you and your clients.

How to get an interior designer discount?

In order to get an interior designers discount, please submit the form to the 54kibo designer trade program that is listed on this page. We will review in 2-3 business days. In addition, you will need to submit a business card or proof of membership to a design organization. Please find examples listed above.


  • The interior designers discount and other benefits of the design trade program are available solely to members. Benefits of interior design trade programs are not transferable.
  • Member, not client must place and pay for order.
  • Any shipping charges which are in addition to our standard free shipping policy are not subject to the interior design discount.
  • Exclusions on trade discounts for interior designers include gift cards.
  • By accepting membership to 54kibo interior design trade programs, you agree that you will purchase 54kibo merchandise through this program solely for the purpose of conducting business with an individual client, and that you will not resell such merchandise to the general public through retail stores, the internet, printed materials, or any other means.
  • As a member of the interior design trade program, you may reproduce images to conduct business with your individual clients. However all images, copy and designs remain the property of 54kibo and may not be used by you for any other purpose unless specifically permitted by 54kibo.
  • Membership to the designer trade program may be denied or terminated at any time, with or without cause, at the sole discretion of 54kibo.
  • Terms & Conditions are subject to change.