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    Bring rooms to life with vibrant 9x12 rugs. Each 9x12 area rug is sizable enough to cover a substantial portion of the room, and mirrors the shape of a room well. Blue area rugs 9x12 are inspired by traditional African design. Each black area rug 9x12 and 9x12 ivory rug commands attention with their captivating prints and vibrant earth tones. 9x12 rugs provide warmth and texture with their thick handwoven design. The modern accent rugs bring out the best in any modern space while evoking the timeless heritage of the rug. Similar to a black area rug 9x12, the rich handmade 9x12 ivory rug adds depth, texture and visual weight to any modern living room, dining room, bedroom, or sitting room. Even the blue area rugs 9x12 make for a perfect use as a lush decorative form of modern, boho, farmhouse or rustic carpeting. Centuries-old methods of weaving and the use of high quality materials ensure that each 9x12 area rug exhibits durability and beauty once complete. With a clear focus on comfort, quality, and function, the carpets are carefully crafted reinforcing their structure and making them more resistant to wear and tear. With many patterns and textures to choose from, designers and lovers of beautiful decor have the opportunity to source sustainable, high quality African 9x12 rugs that suit their carpet needs and accentuate existing flooring. Consider ivory, black, gray, white, beige, green and blue area rugs 9x12 for large floor coverings, available now to shop on 54kibo where shipping is always free within the USA.