Soft cotton African bath towels.

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    Discover African bath towels and waffle weave towels within the online bathroom accessories collection. These soft cotton towels, including Ethiopian cotton towels, are made by hand and are as beautiful as they are functional. Waffle weave towels are made from a luxurious waffle weave fabric which makes them very absorbent during the drying process. Plus they are extremely soft against the body. Ethiopian weavers use traditional hand looming equipment to give the towel its three-dimensional look. Waffle weave towels are sturdy and long lasting, using high quality cotton. The masterful designers behind African bath towels receive a sustainable income and regular training to help them advance in their career. Over 50% of the design team are women. The designers use environmentally friendly dyes for the African bath towels and a water filtration system to help minimize the production footprint on the environment. The weave of African bath towels makes them easily packable for travel because they are not fluffy or bulky. Waffle weave towels have a unique texture to them and are great to stack in a guest bathroom. Bath towels in 54kibo’s collection are made in two sizes: for the bath and for the hands, which double as a great face towel option, too.