Contemporary African design statement mirrors. 54kibo exclusive.

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    African wall mirrors are part of 54kibo’s online contemporary wall decor collection. These handmade, African inspired works of art incorporate traditional design techniques into their build. Master artisans of beadwork, metalwork and weaving handcraft African style mirrors that are perfect for hanging in the modern home, from the USA to Europe, and all across the globe. Whether the African style mirror is used over a bathroom vanity or a living room mantle, or as a bedroom accent, every piece in the collection of African wall mirrors maintains a high quality standard. The sturdy frames of the African style mirror means secure mounting on the wall is achievable without being too heavy to weigh it down. The mirror itself is well made, reflecting images that are crisp and true, adding dimension and making the room look brighter. The African wall mirrors arrive well packaged with hanging cords or insert points, depending on the style, to make installation seamless and efficient. African style mirrors are sure to deliver a vibe to a modern living space. They dress up a wall well and look perfect in pairs. African wall mirrors are as fashionable as they are functional, and they are made to last.