Modern hand-knotted Egyptian rugs

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Traditional Egyptian weaving with contemporary design.



54kibo’s collection of Egyptian rugs is a beautiful assortment of coveted contemporary African decor pieces. These hand-knotted Egyptian area and runner rugs come in multiple colorways. For example, experience deep teal to bright prints to neutral shades and earth tones. Egypt rugs possess aspects of the unique and intricate beauty found in their country of origin. These Egyptian rugs are hand crafted onto a cotton base making them both comfortable and durable. Egyptian gifts, including Egyptian kitchen runner rugs or bathroom runner rugs, fit nicely into any kitchen, bedroom, office or living room. Use hand-knotted Egyptian rugs in any space as decorative carpeting, as a place for children to play or as bathroom or kitchen runner rugs. Egypt rugs are made of high quality fabrics and stand up well to use over time. Egyptian runner rugs and area rug have a visually satisfying modern aesthetic. They maintain the high quality and texture that has been synonymous with the making of an Egyptian rug or Egyptian carpet for centuries. The rugs are lovingly handcrafted and ethically produced by local artisans in Fowwa, a small village nestled along the Nile River in Egypt. Local master weavers design each one by hand. These one-of-a-kind luxury Egyptian gifts are available to shop on 54kibo’s online store where shipping is free within the USA.