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    Basketry is an ancient craft that has been around for centuries, and 54kibo’s online shop offers a variety of woven decor pieces, including cotton bowls and African sisal baskets, that are perfect for storage, transporting, decoration, or serving. Wicker baskets, African sisal baskets, and cotton bowls are made in different shapes depending on their intended use, and in several sizes, too. For example, the African rope basket may have a flatter shape and a square bottom for carrying bread or fruit. Baskets made from palm leaves produce smoother weaves. Baskets are handwoven by master weavers who use time-honored skills to produce one-of-a-kind and high quality pieces with unique patterns and natural dyes. Some African sisal baskets and cotton bowls are not dyed and, instead, exist in the color of the fibers from which they are made. All are made keeping environmental sustainability top of mind, using locally sourced all-natural materials. African sisal baskets and cotton bowls hold their shape and structure well, making them quite functional. They are perfect for home organization in a bathroom, nursery, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Swap out framed artwork and create a wall design using woven baskets to add texture and dimension to a living space.