Colorful woven basketry that stands out

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    African woven baskets have been crafted by hand for centuries in Africa. Tall, small and large storage baskets can reisde on the floor of a home and can be used to house a variety of household items. A large woven basket is often used in the bedroom to store throw blankets or extra pillows. Colorful woven baskets can function in a kids' room for toys. Decorative laundry baskets can be used to put either soiled clothes or clean clothes in at any time during the laundry process. African woven baskets are made of natural plant fibers such as sisal. Each African basket is handwoven by master weavers who incorporate time-honored design skills to create these functional and decorative works of art for the home. Colorful woven baskets and large storage baskets fit in well with existing home decor including modern, boho and farmhouse styles. With the use of non-toxic dyes, the master weavers introduce a range of colors to their creations including black, white, natural, yellow and brown. A large woven basket or decorative laundry basket can make a nice gift to commemorate a housewarming or other special occassion. They help with at-home organization and are delivered with free shipping in the U.S.