Luxuriously handmade chandeliers.

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    54kibo’s online home decor store offers a collection of handmade chandeliers that, when hung, are impactful anchor lighting in the modern home. Inspired by African style and design traditions, each African chandelier has a strong metal endoskeleton from which multiple lightbulbs of different shapes, sizes, and frosts emerge. Part of the chandelier collection includes African chandeliers made from sustainable semi-precious metals including brass, copper, and nickel silver. They are ethically handcrafted by master artisans in Morocco using traditional metalwork techniques, who also craft the wall lights found in their sister collection. Each fixture takes between 80 and 160 hours to craft, truly making each handmade chandelier unique. Another section of the handmade chandelier collection includes quality made-to-order fixtures. Clusters of mold blow mushroom shaped glass shades supported by brass create timeless structures that combine elements of vintage beauty with modern design. With each African chandelier, the height of the fixture can be adjusted to create the perfect fit in any room of the home at a variety of ceiling heights or angles. Contemporary African chandelier designs are as beautiful as they are functional. The handmade chandelier collection stands for strength and creativity as designers incorporate design elements from their lineage to produce illuminating gems for the modern home.