Luxury shea butter skincare with real shea

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    African shea butter is luxury shea butter skincare made with real shea. It is sourced from the shea nuts that are farmed locally in Ghana. Real shea butter is a coveted source of concentrated moisturizer for the skin. Shea butter for acne scars is popular due to the natural nut butter's rich content of vitamins A, E, and K. These vitamins are hydrating for the skin when absorbed. Shea butter for scars is a great addition to the healing process of uneven skin. Afrian shea butter is a luxurious blend of over 80% real shea butter. Use shea butter for acne scars to diminish the appearance and deliver a high dose of moisture to the skin. Shea butter skincare is available in easy to travel with containers. One set of real shea butter comes with four tins, each holding one ounce of the shea butter. This shea butter set is a perfect choice for a stocking stuffer or a housewarming gift. The tins are reusable, making this a sustainably-minded gift idea for friends and family. Place a tin in a purse for convenience or pack for travel. Send the gift set directly to the recipient if you choose. Free shipping always within the contiguous 48 United States.