Enchanting African Moroccan floor lamps

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    The Moroccan floor lamp collection includes unique floor lamps that are luxury floor lamps inspired by traditional techniques practiced in the country for generations. The design team hand-crafts metal to create these functional African floor lamps made for the modern home. A Moroccan floor lamp is made out of locally sourced metal. The team of master artisans create each standing lamp using a globe-shaped lamp shade that hangs in solidarity from an angular metal arm extending from a slim body. When illuminated, the unique floor lamps deliver beautiful shadows that are cast within a room, creating a dappled pattern of light and a sultry ambiance. It's a dimmable floor lamp that accommodates a variety of lighting needs. In addition to their functionality, Moroccan style gold floor lamp is a sturdy luxury floor lamp that is made to last. Each piece takes 100 hours of production time to complete. The natural metal, which comes in a brass gold or gunmetal finish, is sealed with a top coat to preserve its color. The statement floor lamps are adjustable and well-balanced, all stemming from a sturdy spherical base. Consider African floor lamps like a gold floor lamp to make a design statement in a home office, living room or home library. No matter if your style is modern, traditional, farmhouse, boho, bohemian cool or luxury, a dimmable floor lamp is quite versatile within a home.