Mesmerizing Senegalese Limoges dinnerware

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    The limoges china collection includes Black-owned dinnerware made from durable porcelain material. The Black-owned dinnerware has designs inspired by African culture, specifically from the perspective of Senegal in West Africa. Porcelain cups and limoges porcelain plates incorporate designs that preserve life in Africa. Using the limoges france porcelain ensures these pieces live on in the hearts and homes of many. American limoges porcelain dinnerware oftentimes is used as display pieces in a modern home on an open shelf or cabinet space. The limoges china collection works to preserve African culture. The Black-owned dinnerware brand seeks to add to a collective memory of times throughout African history and culture. The limoges dinnerware made from limoges porcelain has designs that are drawn by ceramicist Faty Ly in her studio in Dakar, Senegal. Her exquisite vector drawings are then transformed into silk decals that merge onto the limoges france porcelain material and porcelain cups when heated appropriately. The limoges porcelain dinnerware company brings contemporary African design objects to life, connecting people and enhancing the experience of eating and entertaining at home. As a child, Faty was surrounded by relatives who loved art, including her mother who was an artist at heart. Now American limoges dinnerware sets grace the kitchens and enhance dining experiences worldwide.