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    Limoges plates are perfect for special occasions or to use as everyday dining tableware. Limoges, a hard-paste porcelain from France that has been used since the 18th century, is a durable material without boasting a lot of weight. The limoges dinner plates are stunning enough to leave on display on an open kitchen shelf or dining room mantle. With a Senegalese design, the limoges porcelain plates share a piece of the country’s history. Incorporating the designer’s memories of her own lineage, a limoges france plate communicates contemporary interpretations of ancient patterns and cultural influences from the designer's lineage. Limoges plates tell a story, which is part of the cultural story of Senegal. Contemporary African design is beautifully integrated and represented in the limoges dinner plates that fit in seamlessly with existing modern home decor. Whether you are designing for a kitchen table or dining room table, a casual meal or a special occassion, these porcelain plates will excite guests with their beautiful craftsmanship and make serving much simpler. Limoges porcelain plates come in a variety of sizes. Choose from dinner sets that include a limoge france plate in several sizes that are sold in several different quantity options, or opt for open stock limoges dinner platesto customize the selection.