Bohemian style jewelry with flair

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    Handmade beaded jewelry including beaded earrings, bead necklaces, summer bracelets, small earrings, chain earrings, African bracelets and chain drop earrings come in a variety of modern styles. Enhance an outfit with bohemian style jewelry or handmade African jewelry with a tropical aesthetic. The collection includes cute necklaces for girlfriend if you are searching for a gift to give on a special occassion. Contemporary African jewellry comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. From cute earrings to cuff African bracelets, beaded jewelry can be dressed up or dressed down. Consider wearing beaded jewelry pieces in the summer, relaxing poolside. Wear a pair of fun earrings during the day and continue wearing them into the evening. These versatile pieces are part of the appeal of the handmade beaded jewelry collection. Summer bracelets and beaded earrings come in a variety of colors. The small glass beads are set in modern geometric formation. Colors including white, black and gold create these patterns. Each chain earring is made of 14k gold. Handmade beaded jewelry, bead necklaces and small earrings use the glass beads that are from the Czech Republic, purchased by the Maasai of Africa from Arab traders beginning in the 19th century. Chain earrings are made of gold, healthy for pierced ears. Consider the jewelery or cute necklaces for girlfriend if you are looking for a special gift that is handmade.