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    Graphic pillows and graphic throw pillows add pops of color to existing home design. When looking for a quick way to switch up the vibe of a living space, graphic throw pillows will fit the bill. There is no need for labor-intensive interior design updates. Simply order the graphic pillows, unwrap them, and set them up for display and use. The graphic throw pillows are handmade in South Africa by the iconic design house Shine Shine. These designs are adored in homes and offices worldwide. They add personality and purpose to a living room or office lobby sofa. The graphic pillows honor powerful individuals throughout time and highlight the beauty of nature, documented in bold colors. These commemorative design pieces are made out of 100% cotton with a duck feather insert. Graphic pillows and graphic throw pillows are bold additions to comfortable living spaces. These modern decor pieces are the perfect way to update the vibe of a room. Quickly achieve a contemporary design look you have been searching for with these modern home accessories, inspired by decades past. They also make for memorable gifts for a special occasion. The print is also available in fabric and wallpaper by the yard.