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    Textured throw pillows from Senegal express the art of handweaving as the ‘rhythm of the soul’. The textured pillows and textured pillow covers are made in Dakar. Designer Johanna Bramble collaborates with Senegalese weavers who are passionate about their craft to create black and white textured pillows for the modern home. Featured in the textured throw pillows are some of the unique feature of Senegalese weaving, including the presence of two people: a weaver and an assistant. This skill is usually passed down from generation to generation. The rhythm of weaving that is produced by the coordination between the two individuals is an integral aspect of the creation process of each accent pillow. Expect textured pillow covers with complex and intrinsic patterns and color variations. The textured decorative pillows, including lumbar pillows, are sustainably made. The design team prioritizes sustainable working conditions that propel the development, growth, and diversification of Senegalese exports. As the founder, Johanna Bramble believes in the empowerment of the women of Africa. “In my workshop, we manufacture mainly hand-woven textiles, with the traditional weaving of the Manjaks, from master weavers of Casamance in southern Senegal or Guinea-Bissau,” she says. The base of the textured decorative pillows are always cotton, and into that, other mediums are introduced. The textured pillows have also been made with silk, linen, nylon, cashmere, viscose, copper and audio tape for a variety of products over the years. The handwoven fabrics of the textured pillow covers create a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity, softness and volume.